When Nothing Seems to Be Going Right…Be a Light

  • Corporate Culture
Ali Payne

Be a light.

Three simple words. Such a powerful little statement. There is no doubt we need as many lights as we can find right now.

When you sit back and think about all you (we all) have endured this year, it really is remarkable. Knowing that, it’s probably no surprise, millions are struggling with negative feelings.

We are hearing more and more about feelings of “worthlessness,” and not only from the adult community, but it’s also impacting our youth. Our wellbeing has been slowly deteriorating over the last few months. I highly doubt this is news to anyone, but it really is scary.

The next six weeks will be anything but easy. We will continue be tested with distractions, feelings, and situations that might be new to us. With this all said, I want to talk about what we can all do.

If you know me personally or professionally, you know one of my favorite things to talk about is the fact we bring our whole selves to work. Let’s be honest, the challenge of mental health isn’t new, and it does not favor anyone. But, it’s often hard to recognize the struggle both inside ourselves and in others. Having the mindset that “we have no idea what others are going through every day” can make an impact.

Believing you can make the smallest difference in someone’s life is important, because we all know mental wellbeing is real and the resources available to help us cope are limited and lacking. Plus, navigating it all is near impossible. As a matter of fact, mental health resources in our communities are at capacity and finding the right fit is hard.

“Be a Light” by Thomas Rhett is a powerful song I recently heard on the radio. Here are some of the lyrics:

In a time full of war, be peace.
In a time full of doubt, just believe

In a world full of hate, be a light.
When you do somebody wrong, make it right

In a race that you can’t win, slow it down.
Yeah, you only get one go around.
‘Cause the finish line is six feet in the ground

Those words made me think and ask myself “What I can do? What can we all do to be a light for someone, even in our own darkest moments? Could each of us not benefit from a little light?”

The coolest part for me is there is no definition to what “be a light” may mean to someone. It could be a smile, a call, a text, an acknowledgement of something well done, a written note…anything really. It’s as simple as making a connection — silently, even.

I challenge each of you to “be a light” as we close out 2020. If you’re still questioning how…my easiest definition is this — provide a little hope to the world when nothing seems to be going right. It’s my own purpose. I’d love you to join me!

I also want you to know through my own ethOs team, our Joyages team, and our Responder Health team, we have staff equipped to help you with any of your struggles…be it emotional, social, mental health, or physical, career, financial, or community wellbeing. All you have to do is reach out.

November 19, 2020