Myth Busted: Employee Engagement is Lower Than You Think

If we were to ask you right now how engaged you think your employees are, what would your answer be? We’ll give you a hint, the actual answer is far less. Unfortunately, most employers guess higher than the actual 33 percent of engaged employees that’s more reflective of a normal workplace, according to Gallup.

Organizational engagement is the key to better employee retention, attracting top talent, and boosting productivity. Learn more about what you can do.

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Half of People On the Job Are Looking For Another One. We Can Change That.

EthOs works with organizations to enhance the employee experience by empowering your people to bring their best self to work every day and fully engage in your organizational purpose. We passionately believe the WHOLE person comes to work every day. Our approach is to bring together all areas of wellbeing to look at the WHOLE employee and how we can impact their wellbeing.

How Can ethOs Help You?

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