Leveraging Our Whole Selves to Play to Your Uniques

Just as your organization has its own uniques, we, too, have distinguishing character, values, culture, and guiding beliefs, which determine who we are and why we feel so strongly about ensuring all individuals are able to be their true selves and bring their whole self every day. EthOs works very hard to demonstrate what we believe! 

Our ethOs team is made up of organizational engagement experts with diverse backgrounds and experience, which allows us to uniquely partner with you to establish goals and objectives, develop comprehensive strategies, and assist with executing initiatives. Our team will not only develop a strategy to drive employee engagement, but we’ll also help you focus on the right employee experience and resources for all demographics in your workplace.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the employee experience, empower the whole person, and bring noticeable engagement to the reason we all do what we do every day!

We’ll Bring Our Personalities to Your Purpose

Ali Payne


Ali Payne leads the ethOs team of experts to not only develop a strategy to drive employee engagement for your organization, but to also help you focus on the right employee experience and resources for all of the demographics in your workplace, to include in the area of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). But, that’s not all. Read on to find out the one word that describes her best (which is why we think she’s pretty darn awesome).

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A white woman with long brown hair smiling for a professional photo

Katherine Atkinson

Employee Experience Consultant

Katherine Atkinson is happiest when thinking about others and connecting people with their purpose. As an Employee Experience Consultant, Katherine offers guidance and support to clients in the areas of employee wellbeing, engagement, and leadership development. Want to learn more about her skills? Take a closer look!

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Nola Cartmill

Practice Leader, DE&I

Nola Cartmill understands the importance of ensuring all employees feel welcome and represented. She knows that what makes a person unique isn’t only the color of their skin, gender, religious affiliation, etc., but also the talents, abilities, and knowledge they bring to the table. As Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives become more and more important in the workplace, we’re thrilled Nola is on our team bringing her expertise in the area to the table. Want to know more about her background? Take a closer look.

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Adam Falk

Vice President of Operations

Adam Falk loves a good challenge and works to provide strategic and technical guidance and support to the ethOs Organizational Engagement team and your organization on topics related to wellbeing, engagement, and ESG. And, if he had a super power, it would be…well, take a look!

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A professional photo of Meredith, a white woman with straight brown hair.

Meredith Gallivan

Employee Experience Consultant

Meredith Gallivan understands the importance of community and connection. You can especially see it in her role as Employee Experience Consultant on the ethOs team. Meredith is active in all areas pertaining to employee engagement. It isn’t just a buzzword to her! Learn more about Meredith, her role, and skills!

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Brett Newman, a smiling tan man.

Brett Newman

Senior Employee Experience Consultant

Brett Newman is a veteran of the employee wellbeing industry and passionate about creating solutions to help people live healthier, happier lives. As a Senior Employee Experience Consultant, Brett leads strategy, key partnerships, and spearheads ethOs’ proprietary product — Amazing Me — a technology driven wellbeing dashboard centered around each person’s goals and values.

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Lou Raiola close up

Lou Raiola

Practice Leader, ESG

Lou Raiola isn’t shying away from the fact that the role of a company is profoundly changing. In fact, Lou is a recognized cause marketing pioneer who consistently has been at the forefront of each community impact innovation since the mid-1980s. An early visionary advocating that organizations can and should Do Well by Doing Good. So, might this be of help to you? Take a closer look.

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Michelle Weil

Senior Employee Experience Consultant

Michelle Weil makes the perfect Senior Employee Experience Consultant for our ethOs team because she is constantly educating herself. With the rise of the “Social” aspect within ESG, Michelle has broadened her focus to assist companies in better understanding how an ESG strategy can enhance their culture and employee experience. By taking a look at who one of her key influencers is, we think you’ll get a great understanding into the kind of person Michelle is!

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