Leveraging Our Whole Selves to Play to Your Uniques

Just as your organization has its own uniques, we, too, have distinguishing character, values, culture, and guiding beliefs, which determine who we are and why we feel so strongly about ensuring all individuals are able to be their true selves and bring their whole self every day. EthOs works very hard to demonstrate what we believe! 

Our ethOs team is made up of organizational engagement experts with diverse backgrounds and experience, which allows us to uniquely partner with you to establish goals and objectives, develop comprehensive strategies, and assist with executing initiatives. Our team will not only develop a strategy to drive employee engagement, but we’ll also help you focus on the right employee experience and resources for all demographics in your workplace.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the employee experience, empower the whole person, and bring noticeable engagement to the reason we all do what we do every day!

We’ll Bring Our Personalities to Your Purpose

Ali Payne

President, Organizational Engagement

Ali Payne leads the ethOs team of experts to not only develop a strategy to drive employee engagement for your organization, but to also help you focus on the right employee experience and resources for all of the demographics in your workplace. But, that’s not all. Read on to find out the one word that describes her best (which is why we think she’s pretty darn awesome).

Get to Know Me

Adam Falk

Vice President of Operations, Organizational Engagement

Adam Falk loves a good challenge and works to provide strategic and technical guidance and support to the ethOs Organizational Engagement team and your organization on topics related to wellbeing and engagement. And, if he had a super power, it would be…well, take a look!

Get to Know Me

Heidi Buttolph

Vice President, Organizational Engagement

Heidi Buttolph thrives on building purpose-driven organizations, like yours, where people are your greatest resource and empowered to bring their best self to work to make a difference every day. She also has a Zodiac sign that describes her personality and work ethic to a “t.” Are you curious now?

Get to Know Me

Michelle Weil

Consultant, Organizational Engagement

Michelle Weil’s main focus is on the career development side of wellbeing – connecting people to their purpose and helping your employees determine what impact and value they bring to your organization. By taking a look at who one of her key influencers is, we think you’ll get a great understanding into the kind of person Michelle is!

Get to Know Me

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