Did Your Employee Engagement Take a Hit Due to COVID-19?

  • Employee Engagement
Ali Payne

COVID-19 has no doubt had a huge impact on your organization’s employee engagement. So, how can your business engage employees efficiently, effectively, and from the heart?

And even beyond that, how do you engage their whole family? Think about it for a moment. If we’re all honest with ourselves, COVID-19 has flipped our employees’ work-life balance on its head.

We are all working in a new normal — perhaps remotely or even in a hybrid environment — and how your organization responds and engages your employees (to include the personal aspects of their life) is critical — now more than ever!

On top of this, how do you maintain your culture? No one said it would be easy, but we do have some ideas for you and some questions you should be asking the leaders in your organization.

Watch the video below.

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May 20, 2021