We’ll Bring Out Your Uniques

Each organization has its “uniques.” You have unique demographics, business goals, organizational objectives, culture, environment, and needs, when it comes to creating organizational engagement.

At ethOs, we want to understand your organization’s distinguishing character, values, culture, and guiding beliefs, so we can meet you where you are and help you create a path forward to organizational engagement.

Company culture is strongly tied to organizational wellbeing and employee engagement — our opportunity lies in building a culture that supports positive employee behaviors which will lead to a healthy and engaged workforce.

We bring out your “uniques” to more holistically enhance the employee experience, empower your people to bring their best selves to work every day, and fully engage in your organizational purpose.

We do this by:

  • Assessing culture and more comprehensively understanding demographics 
  • Creating a strategic vision through a total wellbeing lens 
  • Identifying how to effectively deploy resources 
  • Focusing on organizational culture and the whole person 
  • Helping clients attract, engage, and retain talent
Did You Know…

Employee Facts

* Source: Gallup

The Workplace is Constantly Changing

Did You Get The Memo?

Today’s workplace doesn’t look the same as it did 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. The multi-generational workplace of today presents new challenges for employers.

This is where ethOs comes in!

Understanding your workforce demographics allows you to identify next generation talent, establish mentoring relationships, and intentionally focus on growing your people. Rather than trying to get more out of people, organizations are better served by investing more in them. By meeting the multidimensional needs of your workforce, you’ll fuel greater engagement and more sustainable high performance.

How Do We Boost Organizational Engagement?

We’ll begin with understanding your organizational wellbeing, then work with you to create a path forward to the healthy and engaged culture you desire.

But, before you build and deploy any strategy, you must know the current state of your organization and your employee experience. To accomplish this, we work with you to look at data holistically to determine your organization’s baseline state of engagement. We start by tackling the steps outlined in the next section.

Step 1

Define Your Organizational Culture

First, we determine what your organizational culture is by identifying the meaning behind “the way we do things around here.” We use a variety of tools and exercises to build a foundation for your organizational culture.

Step 2

Understand Your Multi-Generational Workforce

Next, we work to understand your demographics by defining key workforce segments within your population based on career stage (entry-level, mid-career, established, and pre-retiree).

Step 3

Identify the Tools in Your Arsenal

Finally, our team evaluates the strategies and resources you already have in place internally and through current carriers and vendor partners. We find most organizations have a lot of great tools but don’t have a strategy behind them.

These steps are essential ingredients to a truly customized and effective engagement strategy tailored directly for your organization and your employees. We’ll use this data and our proven strategies to develop and implement a plan to achieve measured results.

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