Let Us Show You How to Make a Big Splash in Your Talent Pool

We LOVE to talk about organizational engagement, culture, employee wellbeing, holistic talent strategies…and so much more. We’d do it 24/7 if we could, but you know, we have to sleep at some point! That being said, if you’d like one of our team members to take part in a speaking engagement whether it’s in-person, online, via a panel discussion, etc….we’re game. Just let us know.

Additionally, if you’re interested in attending one of our upcoming events, we’d love to have you. Take a look below for what’s ahead!

Invite ethOs To Speak

Learn more about how ethOs can improve your workplace culture by having one of our experts speak to your company or at an event.


Troy Vincent

Founder & CEO, Navigate Wellbeing Solutions

“Ali Payne is one of the more empowering, knowledgeable, and engaging speakers in the wellbeing marketplace. Ali has been a relied upon source for our organization for industry trends, insights, and the pulse of organizational wellbeing. Her ability to connect business objectives to purpose and value makes her by far one of my favorites.”

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Rosie Ward

CEO/Co-Founder, Salveo Partners, LLC

“Ali Payne is a force for bringing sanity and up-to-date thinking on what it takes to have organizations, and their people, thrive in this ever-changing, chaotic world. Through a great mix of data and story-telling, Ali creates a space for audiences to think differently about their talent strategy and move away from ineffective, outdated practices to those that get real results. People walk away with hope, inspiration and practical tools to implement change at their workplaces.”

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Peter Dunn

CEO, Your Money Line powered by Pete the Planner®

“Ali Payne is an incredibly engaging presenter. Her passion for wellbeing comes through with every lesson she shares with her audience. Rarely do you find an expert so approachable who can leave an audience feeling motivated and inspired to make positive changes for both themselves and their organizations.”

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